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[IP] Re: need to cry

 email @ redacted asks...
<<How long before he eats can he bolus?>>   Sandy, if he is using Humalog in
his pump, he needs to eat within 10 minutes after he boluses.  If he waits
any longer his blood sugar could drop too low.
<<How do you keep the dang thing from falling out. We use tinure now, tried
skin tac H and he got a rash.  >>   We tried several different things and
thus far what we've found that works for most days is to clean the site with
alcohol, let it dry, then put a tegaderm patch on the skin and stick the
infusion set through it - he uses silhouttes.  Sometimes we also put another
tegaderm patch on the top thus creating a sandwhich effect.
<<How often can you bolus ? >>  Generally, you need to have approximately 3
hours between boluses.  This varies from person to person.
 <<What if he eats lunch and an hour later there is party in class ? >>  When
this happens I just have Cory bolus again but only for the party food - no
corection.  If he is going to be very active I may only bolus about 50% or
perhaps nothing at all.
<<Why do sites go bad after 2 days ?>>  I sure hope you get some good answers
to this one as I would like to know that myself!
Best wishes to you and Chris,
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