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[IP] Alcohol

I'm posting this to let people know what I've experienced with alcohol
and my blood sugars.  Please don't lecture me about how diabetics aren't
supposed to drink because I know it all.  On occasion, I've gone out and
had 5 or 6 drinks.  I stick to rye (whisky) and diet coke and this
doesn't affect my blood sugars.  I always test before I go out, when I
get home, and in the middle of the night after drinking and my blood
sugars have alway been normal.  I do know that I can't drink beer as it
wreaks havoc on my body so I stay away from it (not hard because I hate
the taste).  Drinking alcohol is definitely a YMMV thing.  All I can say
is if you're going to drink, test your sugar a lot! and be careful.Seasons
greetings, Sara


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