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[IP] refurbished pump

I have seen a couple posts expressing concern over receiving refurbished
pumps. I do not have direct experience with this issue, but I may be able to
shed some light on the practice. I work in the computing industry and it is
standard to receive a "refurb" when your original piece of equipment
dies/malfunctions and you get it replaced under warranty. People are
generally nervous about the reliability of refurbs, and it is a valid
concern. Knowing that a pump is much more critical than most computer
equipment, there are probably a lot of tests and standards that refurb pumps
must pass. In the computing world, most refurbs are due to returns of what
was suspected to be faulty equipment not being defective at all. Many many
items are returned because of cosmetic, buyer's remorse, user error, type of
reasons. This returned equipment cannot be sold as new, by law. So the
manufacturer tests it and either sells it as a refurb or uses it for
warranty replacement. I have seen printers returned to the manufacturer
because the user ran out of ink and thought the printer was broken. So, now
the company has a perfectly good printer that it not only must replace but
have a used printer in stock. Refurbs are a costs effective way to maintain
warranties for technological equipment that carry replacement warranties.

Obviously refurbs are "used" equipment. However, from my experience in
computers, you are not worse off with a refurb than with your original piece
of equipment. Many times you can ask what repair(s) were done on the refurb
you get back. If it is a "major" overhaul, like having three or four parts
replaced, or the same part replaced multiple times, ask for a different

And for those who are interested, you can buy computer refurbs all over the
place. The best deal is in printers and monitors. Saves you dough!

Again, please keep in mind that this is a general explanation and does not
pertain specifically to pumps or any other medical equipment.

Amy B. Anderson
email @ redacted
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