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[IP] Re: Beth's questions about Robbie's sites

           Responding to Beth's concerns and questions:
Robbie has been complaining that the insertion is "sore" for about a day. We
are not yet using anything to glue the site down or keep it on and are
finding that the first few sites fell out after 24-48 hrs and the third site
had to be replaced after 2 hrs because it wasn't working.  Any help would be
1. Who is using the Minimed Quicksets? 
           Katie uses the Sil's.
2. What kind of glue/IV Prep are you finding most useful? 
           Katie just uses the IV Prep before putting down an IV3000 
3. How much discomfort are you/your children experiencing on insertion? 
           None.  Katie uses EMLA cream for an hour before inserting.
4. How long are the sites lasting? 
           Three days.
5. Are you using any special tape etc. to keep the influsion set in place? 
            Have Robbie try putting down one of the IV3000 tapes first,
inserting through that, and then putting another IV3000 tape over the
insertion before he connects (you have to fold the top tape in half and cut
a hole about the size of a quarter before you peal off the backing).  This
seems to keep Katie going great, even through basketball, swimming, and
soccer. This is one of those tricks I learned here on the I-P digest!
Alaska Debbie
Mom to Katie, 11, dx'd 9/97 and
pumping with "Pumpkin" since 8/99

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