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This is a link to a news story about a Catholic school that has banned a diabetic mother from picking up her children at school because she has had low blood sugar reactions at the school 3 times.  I hope you all can access this link:


I was so angry that I couldn't let this go by without a response.  I'm sure you all will share my disdain.  I accessed the school's web site and sent an e-mail to them.  This is the e-mail I sent them:

"I hope you will not discard my message without reading it.

As a former public school teacher, as the parent of a diabetic son, but mostly, as a Christian, I was appalled to hear on the news that you had banned a diabetic parent from coming onto school grounds to pick up her children.  You web site mentions a "caring environment."   Did you attempt to help this woman?  

I would wager to say that you have no students in your school with diabetes.  I taught school for 17 years and had three children in my classes who had diabetes.  Low blood sugar is a side effect of taking insulin, but people with diabetes must take insulin to live.   It requires immediate action on the part of others, if the diabetic person is unable to treat him or herself.

I can see that you may be concerned with the children's welfare if their mother should pass out while driving them to or from your school.  I would hope that she is wise enough to check her blood sugar before driving to make sure she is in a safe range.   I tried to train my diabetic son to always check his blood sugar level before he drives.  

I would think that, in your caring, Christian environment, that some assistance and encouragement would be offered to someone like this woman.  The question, "What would Jesus do?" comes to my mind.  As people who have given up worldly possessions to dedicate their lives to the work of the Lord, I find the action you have taken to be totally unacceptable.

Surely there is more to the story than the news media is presenting.  I certainly hope so.

As an advocate for the rights of people with diabetes, I am

Sincerely yours,

Betsy E. Smith"
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