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Re: [IP] Square Wave/Dual Wave Bolusing

<< Does any know or has experience with using Square Wave and Dual Wave 
boluses? Does it really work well? Could you please provide me with some 
examples from your personal experience? >>

Hi Arsen,

I've had great success with the square wave.  It's been the only way I can 
have good bg's after some meals.

Here's when/how I use the square wave:  I learned through trial and error 
that when I did a normal bolus for some meals, I might have a great 
post-prandial bg, but then I would be high 4-5 hours later.  (For example, I 
might be 98 a couple of hours after the meal, but 220 five hours later.)  
This effect usually occurs, for me, with higher-fat meals.

Now, when I'm going to have a dinner that's higher in fat than I normally 
eat, I take a normal bolus for the carbs (might cut the insulin dosage a 
little if the meal is especially high fat, because the higher fat greatly 
slows the absorption of the carbs for me), and then set a square wave of 2-3 
units for 4 hours (depending on the food and how I've reacted to it in the 
past...keep in mind this is very individual and you need to do your own 

My CDE recommended that I keep a separate record book for these trials, so I 
don't have to flip back through pages of records to find the last time I ate 
a certain food or meal.  I think you need to eat the high-fat meal using a 
normal bolus a couple of times first, so that you can see how your blood 
sugar is affected and how much later the fats get absorbed and affect your bg.

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