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[IP] Minimed and Quicksets

1. Who is using the Minimed Quicksets?  My son Jake (13, pumping since
8/01) uses the micro  softsets.  He got the 42in tubing in his first
bunch of supplies, but we ordered the shorter tubing this time, due to
the numerous times the tubing has gotten caught on chair arms, hockey
sticks, etc.2. What kind of glue/IV Prep are you finding most useful?  We
are using the IV prep pads right now, but have gotten a sample pack of
the liquid adhesive to try since we have troubles keeping the site in
during the rigorous sports and PE classes.3. How much discomfort are
you/your children experiencing on insertion?  When Jake first started
using the pump, he inserted with the insertion device, quick, no
problems, a bit of stinging at first, but nothing slowed him down.  4
changes ago, he inserted into an area with little fat at all on him and
it caused him to hold his breath, scream, shake, and cry... since that
insertion, we are back to it taking over 20 min. to get him to push the
button to insert.  He is scared it will hurt like that again.  Two days
ago, he inserted and had no stinging, so I  am hoping we are back on the
faster track again.  4. How long are the sites lasting?  Jake's sites
usually last 3 days, and he wears them until the alarm goes off for low
volume.  He wants to  make sure he is not "wasting" any insulin.  When he
had his last endo visit, and they downloaded his pump, the fact that the
alarm had gone off showed up and we were "counseled" about letting the
volume get so low.  We informed the endo/nurses that we have everything
set out for the change, ready and aware of the volume, he just likes to
use as much as possible of the insulin.5. Are you using any special tape
etc. to keep the influsion set in place?  Jake had his set pulled out or
fall out many times in his first month of pumping due to sweating from
the heat and summer activities.  We called the nurse educator, and she
suggested he wear both kinds of tape that come in the kit, applying it
opposite ways, and it works, so  far, but nothing will hold it in, when
it gets caught in a hockey stick! :) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Well,
I went to the foot doctor (I picked one out of a list of names but he
ended up being wonderful) and he said I had an ingrown toenail.  He took
part of the nail off and gave me instructions on how to treat it, an
antibiotic, and an appointment for a checkup next week.  It hurts now,
but he said that would happen for a couple days, and it would take 4-6
weeks ot heal. :( Infected ingrown toenails must be the injury of choice
for this year with the diabetics.  My mom has had hers treated twice this
year.  My son (13) told me one day, "my toe is sore Mom", I looked at it
and it was a bit pink.  I put on a bandaid with Neosporin on it.  The
next day, he had a fever, bs of 450, and couldn't walk.  When I took him
to the doctor (regular GP), as the doctor pulled off his sock and saw the
grossly swollen, pussy toe, he glared at me like I was from another
planet.  He began to "lecture" me on the foot care of the diabetic.  I
held up my hand and stopped him, telling him what had been done and that
Jake, at age 13 should have been able to inform me of how much this toe
hurt.  He agreed.  In talking to Jake, he said it was sore, and hurt to
walk, but he did not "feel" the hurt like I would have.  We have tried to
teach Jake the footcare and the need for good hygiene,! but if he doesn't
feel pain the same way...  His endo said he is to check his feet every
night before going to bed, and more if they are sore, pink, red, peeling,
etc.  Teenagers! --- Judith Brooks--- email @ redacted
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