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[IP] 2 questions

 I got switched to Novolog yesterday, after going off
the pump a week ago b/c I was in hospital with a lot
of highs/ketones but not dka. Resistance chalked up to
a cold and hormones. Anyhow, anyone had great success
with Novolog? I've had several of these "spells" of
highs since I went on pure Humalog that I really don't
like that insulin. My doc and I are hoping Novolog is
the answer. So far I woke up with alow, but still had
a large peak after eating.. but this week and next
with finals aren't the best to judge from..
 Also, migraines/chronic headaches. Anyone on anything
besides Zomig and Midrin that actually works??/
 Thanks, please respond privately b/c I rarely go to
archives anymore, and if possible, use
email @ redacted I check that more regularly.
 Amy Martin

Amy Martin
RMWC Box 396

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