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[IP] my toe -update and funny story

Well, I went to the foot doctor (I picked one out of a list of names but he 
ended up being wonderful) and he said I had an ingrown toenail.  He took 
part of the nail off and gave me instructions on how to treat it, an 
antibiotic, and an appointment for a checkup next week.  It hurts now, but 
he said that would happen for a couple days, and it would take 4-6 weeks ot 
heal. :(

Funny story- my mom has this habit of freaking out about little things... I 
guess that happens with 2 diabetic children and a husband with all kinds of 
health problems.  Anyway, she of course took one look at my toe and "oh my 
God, it's going to swell and trun green and fall off...you should go to the 
emergency room, don't wait until Tuesday to see the foot doctor..."  then 
when I said no, I'm going to my appointment, she promptly went on the 
internet to find out what I should do to it in the meantime... so she tells 
me to soak it in water with salt 20 minutes each day and put peroxide then 
neosporin and an bandaid on it.  Well, I took the salt shaker off the table 
and into the bathroom and soaked my foot.  The doctor thought that was 
hilarious... dear mom forgot to mention that it's supposed to be EPSOM salt, 
not the regular table variety.  Well how was I supposed to know??? ;)


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