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Re: [IP] Insulin sensitivity

On 4 Dec 2001 at 22:48, email @ redacted wrote:

> When I first started using the pump 3/98 I was using Velosolin (sp?) insulin. 
>  I started having horrible migraines and the noone not even the neurologist
> could figure out the problem.  Then one day I was reading the insert with the
> bottle of insulin and found out it is a pork based insulin.  Well, in 1985 I had
> learned I was allergic to pork and was taken off of the pork insulin.  I have
> since been very clear to tell my doctors that I am allergic to pork (it gives me
> migraines and my body does not absorb the insulin properly).  After I read this
> paper I made an appointment with my endo (he was not the endo that originally
> put me on the pump) and had my insulin changed to Humulog.  Wow miracle of
> miracles the migraines went away.  So remember to be very proactive in your
> medical treatment and read your pamphlets. Jeanne

Velosulin WAS a Pork insulin, but in the US at least, it is now a recombinant DNA (Human) insulin.


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