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[IP] Diabetes Interview Survey

At the recent Diabetes Technology conference in San Francisco Dr.
[Christopher] Saudek, in an "opinion" piece, commentedand I am
paraphrasing"With all apologies to Dr. Shapiro [of the Edmonton Protocol
team] a closed-loop "artificial pancreas" will make it to the market before
islet transplantation."

First off, for an artificial pancreas to become a reality, a glucose sensor,
computer-controlled insulin pump with a drug-delivery catheter and a control
system to ensure that exactly the right amount of insulin is dispensed must
work in tandem for a closed-loop artificial pancreas to work. With a
closed-loop system, a glucose sensor relays information to the pump, which
will in turn deliver just the right amount of insulin.

At present companies are working on such an artificial pancreas and industry
insiders tell Diabetes Interview, "Demonstrating the efficiency of an
artificial pancreas in diabetic patients is the goal for the next five

The Edmonton Protocol, on the other hand, has been making headlines after it
was first reported in July 2000 that eight people who had the experimental
procedure (which involvs injecting islets and taking a combination of three
anti-rejection drugs without the use of steroids) no longer required insulin

We were wondering if you would like to share your opinions for a story we
working on which deals with "the race" to the market. I

If you wish to respond to the questions, please indicate whether you are
1 or 2, and include your city and state. Be sure to send your replies to
email @ redacted

Thanks in advance and all the best.

Daniel Trecroci
Managing Editor
Diabetes Interview
email @ redacted

Question # 1: First off, do you agree with Dr. Saudek9s "opinion" that we
likely to see a closed-loop artificial pancreas reach market fruition before
[an Edmonton Protocol-type of] islet transplantation? Please elaborate
you do or do not agree with his opinion?

Question # 2: Hypothetically speaking, if either the Edmonton Protocol or an
artificial pancreas became available tomorrow, would cost be a factor in
having you get one? Even if they were very expensive and not covered by

Question # 3: As a person with diabetes, would you rather have the Edmonton
Protocol (while still having to take anti-rejections drugs) or would you
rather have a closed-loop artificial pancreas? Please explain your decision,
if you could?
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