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[IP] Re: What is your pump's name?

I, too, had the idea to go with a Star Trek name for my first pump.  I 
called him "Hu" after the borg Captain Picard rescued on ST:TNG.  When I got 
my new pump ("Hu" had to go back to the collective after his battery case 
malfunctioned), my friend suggested that I call it "Grant", so I would 
always remember "Hu".  That stuck and "Grant" and I have been happy since 

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Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2001 21:23:35 EST
From: email @ redacted
Subject: Re: [IP] what is your pumps name?
I've been pumping since July 01 and I named my pump "TheBorg" for 3 reasons.
     1.  Control was so bad even with 8 shots a day that when my endo 
suggested a pump in my mind "resistance is futile"
     2.  I'm the biggest "Trek" fan there is
     3.  I have completely been assimilated by my pump and it has been 
assimilated by me. We are one, it is my out-of-body pancreas and neither 
goes anywhere without the other.  Whitney & "TheBorg"

Whitney and 'The Borg',
	I love it, I am also a star trek fan, big time! My favorite is still the
original, I saw the 'trouble with tribbles' yesterday. I think you pump name
is great!
	I feel like the holographic doctor trying to name my pump, but it needs
name so that I can assimilate with it too.

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