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[IP] What is with minimed?

 Ok maybe I did not ask for the right thing when I called them but I know I 
said I was on the pump and they know me my name and when my supplys are 
shipped. So I called yesterday to see about getting the "insulin pump therapy 
record book" the one month book the lady said she had one sitting on her desk 
and would make sure I got  2 of them with my shipment that was being sent out 
and I would recieve it today. I told her that I liked the way it was set up 
with the b/g,total carbs,meal bolus,basal rate,high b/g bolus and a few other 
things. I told her I got this on from the trainer and was told to get more 
from minimed. Well I got them today and guess what? They sent me 2 diabetes 
self-management journals each page is one week. I am so mad at them. How can 
I get the things I need?
 I know there are so many charts in all the books but none of them have all 
this information. 

                              Pam & Eeyore
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