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RE: [IP] faster absorption of Humalog on injections v. pump site?

	It is tough to figure out what is causing the highs sometimes. How long has
your daughter been on the pump? Are her sugars high usually after a meal or
also when she wakes up (I was having troubles with the tubing so I switched
and my problem ended).
	If Humalog was fine manually I would not imagine that this should change
due to the pump (but it does make you wonder).
	If my sugars are high and still rising I usually do find my blood sugars
the same as what your daughter had. You don't want to overcorrect but as
long as they are dropping it is good. It usually takes me the full 2-2 1/2
hours before my sugars are back to normal on the Humalog. I learned a lot
from our fellow pumpers about Novolog, maybe it would help?
Hope all goes well, Tammy
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