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Can someone please describe Diabetic Mastopathy for me? I had a lump removed
earlier this year that all the docs swore was cancerous, turned out not to
be from the biopsy. I even had surgery scheduled for my double mastectomy on
Valentine's Day. Thank goodness!

That sounds like diabetic mastopathy,  it's a dense fibroid tumor (benign) but looks almost exactly like a cancerous tumor on mammography and ultrasound.  When I found the first one I went to my primary dr and I could tell from the way he was acting that he thought it was cancer.  He referred me to get a mammography and they told me it looked "suspicious", and I later found out they had called my dr. and told him it was cancer...  Went to an oncologist who did a lumpectomy, had it biopsied and results came back negative   Hooray!!!

But now I feel the drs are being way too blase about this one, After I had my mammogram the radiologist told me that they were not going to make any recommendations yet...  I asked him how they knew it wasn't cancer, he didn't give me a very satisfying answer, he said that given my history and prior experience, that it is probably the same thing.  I'm sure they are right but just because I'm diabetic doesnt' mean I won't get cancer.  If it looks and feels like cancer then I think it ought to be treated like cancer until it is proven otherwise.

I am going make an appt with an oncologist, and I'm hoping he can come up with a better explaination than the radiologist did.

Thanks for listening

Type 1 28 yrs
pumping 3months
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