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Re: [IP] Pump choice... (chat)

> > That may be true, Paloma, but you're going way out of your way
> > to try to make it sound like Deanna is bashing MM for no good
> > reason.
> Wasn't out of my way, I tend to call them like I see them.  I have
> never heard anything negative about any of the companies, just got
> tired of hearing it over and over.  now, how about some positivity?
   I assume you mean you've never experienced any of the negatives
others have reported - wonderful!  That's the way it should be.  But
you didn't "see" anything Deanna experienced.  

   Unless we are in the room, or listening to a secret microphone, 
we have no standing to doubt she had to go through what she reported.

   Positives (grin), okay.  Deanna had two great companies work with 
her to get her pumping without bashing the competition. ;-)

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