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Re: [IP] exercise equipment

I have a treadmill which I love.  I did really really good when I first started, dropped off and have come back and forth. My sugars are certainly better when I am exercising reguarly. For a little help in motivation I have a "video" fund - for each day that I hit the treadmill that I'm supposed to - a dollar goes into the fund - if I miss (and not actually sick) then a dollar comes out - when I have enough I get to buy a new video. Works pretty well for me.

The only thing I would have done differently is I wish I had bought the next model down in size that FOLDS UP it wasn't an issue when I had my house - but now I am in an apt (my husband is in school) and it takes a lot of room - still I'm glad that I brought it with me - although still working on getting a good routine back in force.

The only time I have the energy and time for exercise is in the morning before breakfast - but have been fighting unstable sugars - either too low or too high a lot of mornings - but workin' on it.

Good Luck
Linda & Dax
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