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[IP] punishment vs rewards

So many have shared their opions on how a missed blood test should be handled 
and I appreciate all of them.  I do not show a great deal of emotion/reaction 
to the numbers displayed when Cory tests.  If he is low we treat it, if he is 
high, we bolus.  If we detect a pattern, we look at it to see if a basal 
needs changed or if it was due to exercise or miscounted carbs.  As for 
school - he was only supposed to be testing and bolusing at lunch time.  This 
one is going very well - hasn't missed any.  But we decided he needed to add 
an afternoon one, at least for awhile because he sometimes goes low.  I 
wanted to know if he was going low at school or on the way home from school.  
Then he passed out in band, which he has last period.  Now that one really 
alarmed me.  He has never passed out before and I never want it to happen 
again.  All students are required to carry a daily planner with them to each 
class.  The assignments are written down in a section that is marked for each 
class period.  On the one for band, I put a reminder for him to test or at 
the very least to have a small snack.  He can just slip a few Smarties in his 
mouth if he wants.  But for some reason that I cannot understand, he is not 
doing either one.  He is also allowed and even encouraged to have a small 
sucker or something to eat on his way home from school.  He's not doing that 
either.  Sometimes, I wonder if he eats all his lunch as his afternoon (after 
school) check ranges from 55 - 200.  I am underbolusing him for lunch so the 
200 sounds like he ate all of it, but he should not be going low.  Oh how 
frustrating it is to try to keep kids in line.  I admire him for what he does 
and I praise him.  At first I gave him a lot of sympathy but now I have 
discovered that will only cripple him.  The pump has given him a lot of 
flexibility and he can live a far more normal life.  BUT HE STILL NEEDS TO 
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