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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V5 #609

i haven't written in some time now. but as a guinea pig as of late i haven't 
had much time. i am now infusing 500u of u-500 through my pump with 
additional boluses of 20u of the u-500 regular insulin which equals out to be 
5400u of normal u-100 r insulin. plus the multitudes of oral meds. my legs 
have blockages below the knees. and i have managed to lower my tryglycerides 
to 1500 from 7000 and to level off my b.s. 
from spiking to 700 or better. to between 250 and 400. my pancreas has 
completely liquified. and keeping food on my stomach has become a challenge.
besides the seven doctors i am seeing i have two pyschologist looking after 
my sanity. i have become a science test case. and i peticularly don't like 
it. dying slowly and painfully is not what in had in mind. sorry if i sound a 
little upset. but normal human behavior is not been in sight for 4 years now. 
depression and anger dominate my life. along with intense pain. so a friend 
is what i need once in awhile to get some normalcy
                               thanks for letting me ramble to let off some 

                                           randy .d
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