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[IP] Re: My daughter has been living

Jim, This is the exact same situation with my daughter.  It has become a 
nightmare to have blood drawn from her arm.  So they say, you can do it by 
fingerprick, but you have to fill up half a bottle drop by drop!!   Well last 
June 1, when she needed the A1c done after pumping 7 weeks, it was just too 
traumatic.  After trying for an hour or more, the technician/nurse finally 
took us right down to the actual lab.  All the test required was one tiny, 
tiny drop of blood, far less than that needed for the Ultra One Touch meter.  
It took 10 seconds start to finish.  And that is for the "best" HbA1c test.  
(forget the name, but it has been discussed here).  Yet they want us to go 
through this trauma of fillling up a bottle of blood every 3 months, when 
only this tiny amount is needed.  At least Claire forgets about it after it 
is over, but it stays with me.   I may also give up on HA1cs for awhile.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7 

> <<Generally she has not complained about any of this but the one thing that 
> does upset her and always has, is to have lab work done. As a result of 
> this, we do not have her hemoglobin A1C test done that often. Parents of 
> children living with diabetes have many stressful days and situations that 
> are beyond their control and a regular visit to the clinic is often 
> unnerving to the child. Most children have become accustomed to the pokes 
> and needles but are still very uncomfortable by the drawing of blood- even 
> with the elma cream to numb the discomfort.
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