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Re: [IP] Pump choice and answer to Animas overdelivery question

> > And he never once bashed the product...
> He didn't have to .. you done (sic) it for him.  Just a note to balance
> out what you've continued to say several times here.
> I am happy with MiniMed, and wouldn't venture to say a negative
> word about a product I haven't tried.
   That may be true, Paloma, but you're going way out of your way to try
to make it sound like Deanna is bashing MM for no good reason.

   She's not the first person to report one of MM's reps trying to sell
their product by blasting the competition.  It seems only fair, and
reasonable, to report a company representative for doing that, no
matter who they work for.  If a company gets bad press for such tactics,
maybe they will make a point of telling the reps not to do it anymore.

   I think we can both agree it would be good if such practices stopped.
I will make it a point if/when I am actually deciding between pumps to
tell each rep something I like about one of the other pumps (something
their pump doesn't have).  Trashing the competition annoys me enough
it will quickly rule out the company who's rep does it.  Does anyone
from past experience know what I can point to in each pump as a feature
some other pump doesn't have?

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