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[IP] my love affair with the pump - a nontechnical guide

s with any intense relationship I have developed some strong opinions about
my new insulin pump. Before I was pumping. there was the initial uncertainty
about this new commitment in my life Would I be let down? Can I trust this
thing? How long would it last? I was being "set up" by my endo, who I
respected. However, blind dates usually are not too successful. I decided to
try it out - not seriously at first. I was pumping saline. No commitment, no
hassles. If I got tired of it or did not want it hanging off of me, I just
took it out. I quickly became anxious to move to the next level, despite my

Then the trial period. I got familiar with it and it with me. I learned to
not put my infusion site on my waistband where it was bound to get irritated
from the rubbing. I learned that I could go out and drink merrily and wake
up in the morning with good blood sugars. My pump became my protector. It
was fun because the newness of it was refreshing after 20 years of
injections. I even started to test my blood sugar more because I liked the
results I was getting.

That is not to say I never have been let down. Even in a perfect
relationship there are clashes. I did not like it when my site just popped
out one day unbeknownst to me. No explanation or reason - just felt like it.
And there are the annoying little things that you must learn to overlook and
live with to have a successful relationship. You do have this "button" (or
in some cases a "tail") in your belly, hip, or rear, all the time.

But now I have my insulin working around my schedule not the other way
around. I eat, press a button and get insulin delivered to match the amount
of food I eat at that moment. Eat a little more in 20 minutes, press the
button again. Don't eat and don't press the button so there are fewer lows.

There is a physical relationship with the pump that needs to be addressed
too. How does it feel? When pumpers would describe to me what it felt like,
which is to say they described how little you felt anything at all, I could
only imagine. To be blunt, it is similar to hearing tales of amorous
encounters that involve technique or method that you personally have never
performed. You have some idea but your really do not know until you have the
actual experience.

Now I am in the comfort stage where I know we are compatible and I envision
this to be long sweet relationship. That is until the next advance comes
along and I upgrade ;)

Any questions about pumping? I am more than happy to correspond and give
honest, real life answers to any questions. Please email me directly

Amy Anderson
email @ redacted 

Amy Anderson
email @ redacted
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