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[IP] Pump choice and answer to Animas overdelivery question

Hello all,
Some of you may recall my posts in recent weeks regarding choosing a pump. I 
had narrowed the choice to between Animas and MiniMed and, like many of you, 
had some concerns regarding MM sales tactics as well as choosing a product 
not yet proven in the market. I was intrigued by the new MM Paradigm due out 
this spring because it's waterproof, smaller, has a menu more like the Animas 
pump and offers the exclusive remote feature.
In the end, I chose Animas. Paperwork for insurance is being processed now.
A big part of my choice was the confidence the company had in its pump and 
its features and the reps honestly and neutrality.
When I questioned anything about the MM product, the reps would divert to 
talking about safety issues. I felt all pumps I had considered were safe and 
did not need to address this issue any longer. This was a waste of my time. I 
was up front from the beginning that waterproofing was important. I was 
concerned about MM literature that stated the Paradigm was tested at 8 feet 
for 30 minutes, which basically means if you're in the water longer the 
company won't be responsible for any problems. Animas literature notes a 12 
feet/24 hour test, which indicated greater confidence and willingness to back 
their products. I was concerned about statis problems with MM. Again, rather 
than addressing the concerns, the reps diverted to safety issues.
Also, only after I informed one of the MM reps of my choice did she offer to 
get a Paradigm pump from the company and show it to me. I dealt with three 
reps and told all of them that if it weren't for the Paradigm coming out, I 
would definitely choose Animas.
Also, some of you were interested in finding out about the Animas reps answer 
regarding MM reps claims of overdelivery problems with the Animas pump. The 
rep knew as soon as I asked him about it that MM was the "informant." He 
explained that there is a common perception within MM that DC motors are 
capable of overdelivery because they are constantly running, unlike the step 
motor in the MM that operates much like a cog wheel. He said Disetronic 
*once* had a problem with a man in an airplane that had an overdelivery 
because of the pressure caused by the high altitude. He said Animas has a 
vent that prevents this from happening. He said any pump could be capable of 
overdelivery in varying circumstances. He also said you'd have a better 
chance of winning the lottery THREE times.
How did he know all this? He used to work for MM. And he never once bashed 
the product (he left for personal fulfillment issues). He was a fantastic 
information resource.
I still believe that all pumps are excellent products, as most of you have 
noted. Many of you suggested tie-breakers such as flipping a coin to decide 
and that I would likely end up happy with either one. I guess I ended up 
going with those good ol' warm fuzzies. (I know, it's corny.)
Thanks so much to all you helped during the decision-making process. I'm glad 
it's over.
Stay tuned regarding my start date. I'll be looking forward to even more help 
dxed IDDM 9/92, hopefully pumping soon
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