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Re: [IP] Using the leg as an alternate site

In a message dated 12/3/2001 6:08:23 AM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> we are running out of sites to rotate to
>  on his stomach.  We would like to give his stomach a break.  We tried on 
>  lower back/upper buttocks, he did not like that at all.  I'd like to try 
>  legs/arms, but don't really know where/how. 

The general rule of thumb is that you can put an infusion set in anywhere you 
can do an injection.  

My 10 year old (pumping 6 months now) is also enamored with putting sites in 
her abs, but I did get her to try an alternate site a few weeks ago and she 
chose to try her upper arm.  We put it in the fleshy part towards the back of 
her upper arm, right where we used to inject.  We had good numbers for 3 full 
days, and since we use the long tubing (she's almost 5' 2") there wasn't any 
problem with running the tubing up her sleeve and down her side to the pump 
clipped on her waist band.  She said she still preferred her abs but that 
this was an acceptable alternate.  She did say that she probably wouldn't 
like using her arms as sites for times when she was involved in active sports 
(like basketball) for fear of the tubing getting snagged by someone else -- 
but I have heard from a several athletetic teens who use their arms and legs 
with no problem . . . 

Pumpmama to Katie
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