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[IP] Digital insulin pump attached to infant

 <A HREF="http://www.jpost.com/Editions/2001/11/26/Health/Health.38757.html">The Jerusalem Post Newspaper : Online News From Israel - Health Article</A> 

Digital insulin pump attached to infant
By Judy Siegel

(November 26) - A digital insulin pump was attached a month ago to the 
youngest-ever Israeli patient - a four-moth old baby suffering from Type 1 
diabetes. The pump, which automatically injects the amount of insulin 
necessary to keep a patient alive and in an ideal insulin-blood sugar 
balance, was connected at Assaf Harofe Hospital in Tzrifin. Diabetes was 
diagnosed in the baby due to malfunctioning of his pancreatic beta cells. 
Since the disease was diagnosed, his parents had to test his blood sugar 
levels and inject him with insulin several times a day. Type 1 diabetes 
results from the speedy destruction of the beta cells by the body's own 
immune system; patients have a genetic disposition and the disease is 
believed to be triggered by a virus or another factor. Diabetic children get 
insulin pumps usually from the age of eight or nine years. "Despite his young 
age, we wanted to attach a pump to make it easier for him ad his parents," 
said Dr. Zvi Bistritzer, deputy head of pediatrics at the hospital and head 
of its pediatric endocrinology unit. The pump, which is attached to the baby 
round the clock, secretes a steady amount of insulin via the abdomen. When he 
is about to eat, the parent presses a button to increase the amount of 
insulin. When the meal is over, she or he restores the amount to the default 
level. The hospital said that a year-old baby recently diagnosed with 
diabetes has also been put on the pump. Bistritzer says it is very rare for 
the disease to appear at such a young age, and that this phenomenon should be 

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