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Re: [IP] christmas cookies, candy canes, and carbs

Hi.  Professional Pastry Chef here.  My friends, these are very general
observations I have made over the years, and are not meant to be the
definetive answer to this issue.  If you must have exact numbers, plug your
recipes into one of the many software applications available.

For Christmas cookies, in the german tradition; pfeffernusse, spritz,
linzer, gingerbread, etc.  I have found the best method for carb count is to
just weight them and figure that it is a 65/35 (CHO/Fat) ratio.  That means
a 15 grm cookie will have about 9.75 grm of CHO.

The reason that the book are not helping out too much is that there is
TREMENDOUS variation with a product that is primarily produced in the home.
For example Fruit Cake can range anywhere from 50% fruit to 200% fruit,
based against the flour weight of the recipe.

I know that this is not precise, but it should get you into the ballpark.  A
two hour post treat Bg is essential for this sort of thing.  FYI, a cookie
the diameter of a half dollar coin 'should' be about 12-15 grams.  Hope this
helps out.
Frank W. Tegethoff, Jr.

> Last night, my son got to have his first Christmas cookie.  (He's two-years
> old.)  I wasn't prepared though, and had to blindly guess at the carbs.  My
> carb-counting books aren't much help.  There was great information provided
> to me here regarding Halloween candy and carbs, and I am hoping someone
> knows how I can estimate the usual Christmas treats?  You know, like frosted
> Christmas cookies, sugar sprinkled Christmas cookies, candy canes, buckeyes,
> shortbread cookies, cream horns (lady locks), italian wedding cookies,
> peanut blossoms, fudge(s), thumbprint cookies, lemon squares, trifle, and,
> believe it or not, fruitcake, assorted chocolates, and chocolate covered
> cherries.  I want him to be able to try these treats throughout the season,
> just like his brother gets to try them.  Any suggestions?  Thank you so
> much!
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