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Re: [IP] DM and academic problems


  Up until this school year my son Joshua, age, well, 10 in 11 days, was the 
only DMer in his school for the past 3 years and still the only IPer in his 
district (that we know of)  We live in WA state and it wasn't unitl I started 
butting heads with the principal that I found out that this state just passed 
the Regulations for the Care of DM kids in school.  In these regs it is 
stated on THREE different pages that the DMer can check their blood, whenever 
WHEREVER and it does NOT have to be at the RN's/health room.  So long as the 
child can safely and accurately chek their BGs on their own they can do it at 
their desk if they so choose.  This is what we have been doing with Josh so 
he no longer needs to miss that class time to walk the distance to the 
office.  Now, this year they actually have 2 more DMers in this school so 
they hired health room aids to cover the extra needs.  Now Josh LIKES to go 
to the health office to check BGs but only does this about 5 minutes ahead of 
his class for lunch.  Any other time and he checks at his desk.

Check with your local ADA office or State School Health Coordinator's office 
for any regs pertaining to your state.

Good Luck!
mom to Joshua
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