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Re: [IP] christmas cookies, candy canes, and carbs

On 2 Dec 2001 at 21:55, Jonelle Davis wrote:

> >From one food-centered holiday to another . . .
> Last night, my son got to have his first Christmas cookie.  (He's two-years
> old.)  I wasn't prepared though, and had to blindly guess at the carbs.  My
> carb-counting books aren't much help.  There was great information provided to
> me here regarding Halloween candy and carbs, and I am hoping someone knows how I
> can estimate the usual Christmas treats?  You know, like frosted Christmas
> cookies, sugar sprinkled Christmas cookies, candy canes, buckeyes, shortbread
> cookies, cream horns (lady locks), italian wedding cookies, peanut blossoms,
> fudge(s), thumbprint cookies, lemon squares, trifle, and, believe it or not,
> fruitcake, assorted chocolates, and chocolate covered cherries.  I want him to
> be able to try these treats throughout the season, just like his brother gets to
> try them.  Any suggestions?  Thank you so much!
> Jonelle
> ----------------------------------------------------------

I really don't have much of an idea about many of them.  Possibly 
that the count may not be as high as you would expect.  Why 
don't you send me a dozen or two of each and I will gladly 
experiment on myself and let you know what I find out!   ;>)

And a Merry Merry Holiday Season for both you and your son,

George Lovelace      ;>)
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