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[IP] DM and academic problems

I would really appreciate any suggestions about articles about the problems 
diabetic adolescents can have with academics.  My 13 year old daughter was 
diagnosed about 1 1/2 years ago, and she is not doing as well in school as 
she was before she was diagnosed.  Her teachers seem to feel that it is the 
age related and that many of the students are not doing their best work, but 
that time will correct this problem.  They may be right but I don't want to 
let an early problem that is more DM than age related grow into a major 

She is happy and sociable and quite open about her diabetes routine and pump. 
 Her school has be absolutely wonderful about supporting her.  Her blood 
glucoses are pretty good but she does miss some classroom time going to the 

So any teachers out there who can suggest articles or resources?  I tried 
searching the Internet and got loads on keeping children physically safe at 
school but nothing about ensuring that academics don't slip through the 
cracks with all the DM related distractions.

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