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[IP] Re:trouble with site

You wrote:

I started the pump in August and had NO problems until
3 weeks ago! Lately for no reason I can think of my
site is red and very itchy after I change it. 
I've called minimed twice. They suggested I stop using
the IV Prep.So I did. 
then they sent me a tape kit with different kinds of
tapes a preps. However, I am still having the problem.
It seems to be red and irratated right 
where the needle goes in,not really around it. 

My Response:
If you had no problems since August, and if you did
not change anything in your site prepartion routine,
maybe it's a bad bottle of insulin?  Are your sugars
normal?  Did you change your soap?  Are you sure you
didn't change something else?  
It seems strange that you would have a reaction all of
a sudden after so many successful months.
Try a new bottle of insulin, just in case.  Otherwise,
you probably do need to try a different set.  It
doesn't sound like tape proplems at all, since you
said  your skin around the needle insertion point is
not irritated.

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