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[IP] Re: Silver and diabetes

Deanna wrote:
I am not aware of the relationship between corrosion of silver and having
diabetes. Can you explain?

I have found that my skin has a bad effect on silver, to the point where I
just can't wear silver jewelry.  I was told at some point in the past that
diabetics have a more acidic skin (and sweat, I suppose).  I do know that
silver next to my skin for any length of time turns black, and also that
keys I wear around my neck (I live alone and in fear that I'll lock myself
out) fairly quickly start to turn color with the silver color wearing off
and the brassy color shows through on the side that hangs next to my skin.

I don't _know_ for a fact that this is related to the diabetes -- I just
have a vague recollection of someone telling me this at some point (after 36
yrs. of diabetes and who-knows-how-many doctors, I've lost the attribution).
I just know that I do have diabetes and I do have this weird effect on
silver.  It doesn't mean that flatware turns black at my very touch, but it
does keep me from wearing silver where it touches my skin for any length of
time.  Does anyone else have more scientific 'evidence'?

Just curious,
Kathy Trondsen
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