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[IP] Blood Checks instead of Blood Test

Blood checks" rather than "blood tests" since a test
conotes an 
evaluation... and kids in school are judged as doing
well or badly.

Excellent idea Ellen. I have been IDD for 46 years and
never had any major emotional problems with diabetes
largely because my parents always told me as did my
doctor at Joslin, "You are responsible for yourself
and have to know how to take care of yourself because
we won't always be right there to help you". I
remember one teacher in 2nd grade who let all the
students have a snack with me, so it was a treat for
everyone and everyone was aware of my diabetes. I also
had a problem after a concert (I was singing the wrong
song, out of tune but that's not the diabetes ha ha)My
friends got me home after school as I was acting very
weird, low bg.  I can't say that I have always been
perfect but basically I have been under good control
and am complication free. While working as a camp
counselor at Clara Barton I remeber thinking the kids
who parents didn't harp at them or hang over them
seemed much better adjusted than those whose parents
tried to control their every moves. 

I also appreciate all the information I am getting
from this newslist. Next Monday, 12/10, I will be
going on the pump. The nurse had me use saline for a
few days and now I am jazzed about using the insulin.
My pump and I are still building a relationship so I
haven't named her yet. 
One last note, my 1st born will be 22 tomorrow. That
was before blood testing kits. Life has certainly
gotten a little easier with all the technology. 

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