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[IP] Avoiding static

> so I named it "Eeyore" and with the weather getting colder I make sure he
> in his house to avoid all the static.

Ahhhhhhhh, but in the house is where the static is mostly created - other
than sliding across a vehicle's upholstery in a wool coat. I was told to try
to touch something metal before touching the pump - to discharge the static
first. I have put a half-sheet of USED-ONCE (to cut the grease and smell)
fabric softener sheet in each of my pump bags (have over 50 diff. colors
zipper-type cigarette bags - seen on my picture trail) to absorb that static
as well. Walking across carpets, petting the cat or dog, or similar things
can cause static. Have you seen the PSAs of the static-electricity-run home
where they wear wool socks and scoot across the floor? Same difference.

BTW, if your pet's fur gets staticy, smooth it with a used-once softener
sheet as well, to cut that down. >(^,,^)<

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