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Re: [IP] Computer Virus question

At 01:38 AM 12/02/01 email @ redacted wrote:
 >       I have a question for Sam, George, James or anyone else 
 > Last year I got a brand new computer, brand new e-mail account and 
signed on
 >to Insulin Pumpers, all within a week.  Just a few days later I had a virus
 >sent to me!!  I was okay, I didn't open it.  So now I have Norton Anti-Virus
 >and I have been updating it weekly.  Can you tell me how it works?  For
 >instance, I was sent two viruses this week, but didn't open the 
 >But if I had tried to open them, would this anti-virus software have stopped

If the attachments had a known virus in them, and if your anti-virus 
software was running at the time (there should be a little icon in the 
system tray on the right side of the task bar), it would have alerted you 
to the fact that a virus had just arrived. At that point it would have 
quarantined the file so you couldn't open it.

If you get an attachment that doesn't set the alarm off, you can write to 
the person that sent it and verify that they meant to send it to you. 
Virtually all of these virus-infected attachments are sent out without the 
knowledge of the sender. It also doesn't hurt to manually scan your email 
directory just to make sure.

If they did NOT mean to send it to you and the Virus alarm did NOT go off, 
forward the attachment to SARC (Symantec Anti-Virus Research). In my 
Quarantine list, I can add a file manually. Once it is there, I can forward 
it to SARC.  This is for the newest version of Norton Anti-virus only. 
Different Anti-Virus products and versions will work differently.

If you get a warning email from a friend concerning a virus, look at 
http://www.symantec.com/avcenter/hoax.html before doing anything. There are 
a lot of hoaxes that get spread around the Internet. You can spot most of 
them here.

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