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Re: [IP] RE: punishment for "bad" behavior

Excellent point on not having emotional reactions.  WHen my daughter was 
diagnosed (at 9 months) I asked everyone connected with her care to call them 
"Blood checks" rather than "blood tests" since a test conotes an 
evaluation... and kids in school are judged as doing well or badly as 
determined by tests.  Instead I wanted it called a check so it would be 
something that was just checking on the a mount of insulin she was getting, 
not something that was evaluating her. 

She is almost 14 now, we still use the same terminology, and she (knock on 
wood) has yet to rebel and stop doing her blood checks or take care of 

The other thing I have done is let it be her responsibility.  The more kids 
are in control, the better they behave.  I've never ordered my kids to do 
their homework... they know there is an expectation, and they  just do it.  
With  diabetes , my daughter knows there is an expectation that she take care 
of herself... and that ultimately, if she does not, she feels awful (she 
hates being high since she does not like the way she feels and she loves 
sports and does not play well when she is high.)  Getting kids to do it for 
themselves rather than for mom or dad I think is the best thing.

I guess I"ve been lucky on this front... and now that my duaghter is on the 
pump (4 weeks tomorrow) she is feeling SO in control I see a wonderful new 
bounce in her step and more smiles and better behavior towards her younger 

Good luck!

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