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[IP] Computer Virus question

       I have a question for Sam, George, James or anyone else knowledgeable! 
 Last year I got a brand new computer, brand new e-mail account and signed on 
to Insulin Pumpers, all within a week.  Just a few days later I had a virus 
sent to me!!  I was okay, I didn't open it.  So now I have Norton Anti-Virus 
and I have been updating it weekly.  Can you tell me how it works?  For 
instance, I was sent two viruses this week, but didn't open the attachments.  
But if I had tried to open them, would this anti-virus software have stopped 
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7, who thinks its bad enough just watching out for 
viruses in your children!

> *AND* re:  AV . . . make sure you have the discipline to update the virus
> definitions *AT LEAST* once a week.  Symantec updates their definitions
> twice a week.
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