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Re: [IP] changing basal rate every day


  My son, age almost 10 this month, has been pumping 2 years.  Our endo is 
adament that you set a basal rate and leave it alone for a minimum of 3 days 
before making any more changes.  And don't make too many changes all at once 
or you won't know what did what.  This is all explained in the Walsh book, 
PUMPING INSULIN 3rd edition that you can get through this list's book page 
and make a donation at the same time (just by using this link!)  Just be 
careful of how often you make changes and how many.  Fasting BGs is the most 
accurate way of checking your basals, 4-5 hours at a time, skipping a meal 
during each one or delaying it a little bit.  This is necessary to really see 
what is going on.  You don't want a change of more than 30-40 points in your 
BG during this time period.  Again, it's all in the book.

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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