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[IP] Teens, rewards, and the schools

Susan said: 
It looks like the school is now willing to do whatever is 
necessary to help 
Cory be safe at school. That is what they say but I'll have to 
see it to 
believe it.

When my son was diagnosed, and again when he went on the pump, we were so focused on helping him accept and establish a routine for his care,we let the "little" things be swept aside.  After we have accomplished a routine, we find we have to go back and turn bad habits into good ones, often using the reward system to establish the good habit into routine.  We have battled hand washing, writing down his numbers, you name it... we work on it.  We are strict on the reward system, but we do not want to punish.  We feel that he has enough "on his plate" to deal with, and as long as  he is accepting his diabetes and working to take care of it, it is our job to assist or pick up the pieces here and there, until he has gotten a good handle on it.  We are so proud of him and tell him often.  He has accepted his diabetes from the first fingerstick and insulin shot, he has done everything himself.  (Oh, and if you are wondering, the reward of choice right now, is a $3 pack of Dragonball !
Z collector cards every 2 weeks)

We have battled the schools and the constant need to "teach"  the teachers.  I do NOT look forward to a change in semesters,  or a new school year.  This year has been the worst.  The new pump (8/8/01), starting junior high,and his sister and her family moving across country was too much for him.  We had to pull him out of school for a week of home schooling, this gave him one on one help, time to talk things out, and time to smooth the frayed nerves.  Since he has gone back to school things are much better.  After his last endo visit, we met with his psychologist and  he urged us to have the school fill out a 504 plan which would follow him year to year.  Updating it each year, and then each teacher gets a copy to read, and hopefully, this will help to educate the teacher as to  what to expect and watch for.  

Please feel free to email me if you wish to talk!

Judy, mom to Jake
email @ redacted


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