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[IP] Re: C-peptide

Relative to the question about positive C-peptide level in a very long-term 
diabetic (was that Imogene?), there have been a couple things I have heard in 
the last couple years.

First, Dr. Harlan at NIH talking about follow-up studies on the DCCT 
participants.  As I recall his lecture, essentially negative c-peptide level 
was a requirement for participation in the study.  Later, when more sensitive 
c-peptide tests became available, some of the participants were found to have 
some c-peptide (and therefore some insulin production).  The people in this 
group were less likely to have complications.

Second, in order to qualify for a protocol at NIH, a c-peptide test was 
required.  When I expressed skepticism about the possibility of being 
positive after 46 years of juvenile-onset diabetes, I was told that they had 
had several cases of very long term diabetes with a positive c-peptide.  

But, having worked in a medical lab for a short while years ago, I would 
never discount the possibility of an incorrect result, either.  A woman I 
spoke to recently, who had been in the above protocol but later had to be let 
go because repeats of the c-peptide test were showing positive, probably had 
initially had an incorrect negative result (I believe she had been diabetic 
more than 20 years, but I don't think more than 40).

Linda Z 
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