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[IP] diabetes hair stories

>> Point is:  diabetes can
>>cause symptoms of starvation, like hair or no hair in odd spots, sometimes
>>the hair goes away when you get tight control, sometimes you never have this
>>type of symptom, but blood tests should be diagnostic tools, not eighteenth
>>century myths.

When I was anorexic I lost nearly all the hair on my head. It grew back much
finer, thinner, dark brown and stick straight (from a very curly blond). I
also had a fine layer of "down" body hair, peach fuzzy kind of stuff. That
went away as I gained weight. Since I have been on the pump, my hair (on my
head) has been growing in curly again. No blond though :( That's all right
since I have been "bottle red" for quite some time and that suits me just
Amy Anderson
email @ redacted
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