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[IP] passing out - UPDATE

I am really torn about your statement to take away the Nintendo if Cory does
not remember to test his blood sugar before band. I was lectured a lot for
not testing, for sneaking food, for having high blood sugars. So I just lied
all the time. It was a heck of a lot easier than being yelled at. My parents
never punished me with grounding or taking away a toy or something similar.
But I remember the lectures about me being irresponsible and lazy very well.
It still affects m relationship with my parents to this day. I wasn't lazy
or irresponsible, I just did not like what I had to do and no one gave a
"real" reason to do it. To be honest I am not sure what a "real" reason is
to a 12 year old. Maybe it is losing Nintendo for a day. I do understand the
frustration, and I am not sure I have a solution. I guess just think through
the consequences of what kind of motivation you choose to help Cory

I am sure other parents out there have some good suggestions for reward
systems that have worked for them.

Best Wishes
Amy Anderson
email @ redacted
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