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[IP] RE: punishment for "bad" behavior

Being diagnosed with Type 1 at age 7 in 1976 (before there was even home
blood glucose testing), I'd just like to say that I believe any type of
emotional reaction from parents to a BG reading is dangerous, whether its a
high or low number.

Emotions send a powerful message to kids (whether intentional or not) who
only want to please their parents, physicians, etc.  To this day, I still
can't stand thinking about my parents' reactions to a hypo number (in those
days it was a urine test with a blue-colored reading of "0") ... their
reaction was always one of panic, and as a result, even in a semi-coherent
state, I often refused to cooperate and drink a glass of OJ, insisting that
I was fine,  which inevitably caused even more panic.  It also caused a
great deal of embarrassment afterwards.

BG readings should only be used as a tool to help make decisions as to how
much insulin to take, eat, etc., but certainly never merits rewards or
punishments.  There are so many things that influence BG readings,
especially in kids, ranging from growth to exercise, emotions, hormones, you
name it.  Behaving emotionally to readings also sets the stage for countless
kids to avoid testing altogether or fabrication of "good" numbers, and
creates a sense of hopelessness that anything can be done to normalize
things, and could easily make kids give up on exercising good habits to try
and manage their condition.  My advice to parents is to try not to have any
reaction to a number, simply use it as a tool to help make decisions.
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