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Re: [IP]Sil-Serter

I had some difficulty with the new sil-serter.  I'm new to sils period, so I 
wasn't quite sure about the angle.  It took four tries to get it right.  It 
was my husband a non-pumper that figured things out.  I called Minimed two or 
three times this afternoon.  I understand that it must be difficult to try 
and troubleshoot over the phone.  Everytime that I used the sil-serter, it 
hurt once it was in, and bled a little, everytime.  Minimed told me that it 
was possible that the site was compromised.  They suggested that I pull it 
and try again.  The weirdest thing about the whole process was the use of 
Skin-Prep, the sil-serter was stuck to my skin because of the Skin-Prep and I 
had trouble figuring out what exactly was going on.  I have to use the 
sil-serter two handed, to keep everything very steady, otherwise when I push 
the release I get a mini recoil.  So the fourth time I tried it, SUCCESS!! No 
bleeding and no discomfort during or after insertion.
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