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[IP] Re:Testing 2 hrs post-meal - why??

Barbara wrote:
I am confused.  Why are so many of you testing 2 hours
after eating?  
What do you do if the numbers are high? Isn't it too
soon to correct for anything after only 2 hours?  I
use Humalog, and I believe we're told it stays in the
system for for 3.5 to 4 hours.  Even the Pumping
Insulin book advises testing carb boluses 3.5 hours
after eating.
What am I missing here?  What is the objective of
testing 2-hours post-meal?

My response:
Somewhere along the line I got the idea that my BG
should be around 200 2 hours after eating.  In fact,
when I began pumping 6 years ago, it was believed that
it could be 180! 
But try as I might, whenever I am around 200 post
meal, I wind up crashing 2 hours later.  I think I
should forget about it, and just make sure I am back
to normal at lunch, and that I don't crash if my lunch
is delayed.
I had hoped Novolog would help, but I didn't see any
difference with it.  
The one thing I didn't try yet is adding fiber to my
breakfast - I may give that a try, to lower that spike
a bit.  But I travel a lot, and really need to know
that I can count on my routine working without any
special dietary requirements. 
I am also going to order the new version of
the'Pumping Insulin' book, as I think some of the
goals have changed since their first version.  It is
significant that you say they only check carb ratios
after 3.5 or 4 hours.
Thanks for your question, Barbara, it made me think
about why I am fooling with this obviously
unattainable goal.

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