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[IP] Yellow Spots - Kap's reaction

I asked Kap if his vision was affected during a low.  I asked if he saw 
distorted colors like fireworks or spots.  He said he saw yellow spots, but 
no firework colors nor did he hear any fireworks.  LOL
Also, we can tell when bgs needed to be checked, because he gets into loops - 
repeating the start of a sentence over and over or tapping (banging) object 
together.  This is the most frustrating thing for him to realize he can't 
stop and/or get the whole sentence out.  He says it is embarrassing at 
On his IEP and during teachers conferences, I stress the LOOP conversation 
and actions and ADD/ADHD signs are lows or high bgs.  Trust me, the school is 
programmed to watch for ADD/ADHD signs since the more students identified w/ 
this disorder the more federal $$$ come their way, at least here in NC.
BTW, he has started to look at the average on his meter when he does his 
testing.  I have explained to him, it is not a way to determine control - 
only a reminder to test and bring down highs.  
Darlene - Mom to Kap - age 10 - pumping 1/19/00 and growing up - almost 5'
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