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Re: [IP] re: funny story for long timers.

My son, 9 y.o., just went through a short faze where he was not letting 
anyone see the meter and wrote down all sorts of great numbers, including 
some lows and one or two sort-of highs (low 200's) and since I had no reason 
to doubt him never thought about the possibility of lies until he started 
throwing lots of KT's and feelig sick.  Then I checked recall and he had been 
lieing for quite some time.  He learned a big lesson because he came really 
close to DKA and in the hospital.  I was able to get him down and get rid of 
the KTs and now I know I need to double check regularly and he knows I'm 
checking now so he can't do it any more, especially at school.  They need to 
verify his numbers at lunch now!

mom to Joshua
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