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[IP] Regular sodas at a restuarant

Cannot believe this came up. Two nights ago we went to a nice restaurant as
a family, before the post holiday teenage rush resumes, and had a problem
with this.
The kicker though...the waitress would not believe us that the coke was
regular, not diet. We sent it back twice and still got regular coke for both
my husband and diabetic daughter.
Finally the waitress, who I must say has a bright future in the hamburger
flipping profession while simultaneously frowning and tapping her foot,
tasted it herself and THEN agreed with us. The machine had been incorrectly
set up that delivers the soda to the fountain machine. We tried to explain
why we were so insistent about the diet, but she just did not understand. No
I will use the idea of testing with the meter next time to back the point we
are making. This has happened often and we just take the attitude of
"drinker beware."  The family has just developed the habit of testing Sara's
drink for her. Diabetes is a family affair in every way!!!
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