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On 31 Dec 2000, at 16:24, email @ redacted wrote:

> My husband is a pumper since May.  He's a type 1 diagnosed 38 years ago.  
> Since he got on the pump,  he's had daily hypoglycemic reactions,  he's 
> constantly obsessed w. numbers, food, carb counting etc. and has lost 10 lbs 
> which he can ill afford to lose.  Sure his A1C is 5.7 but  at what a price!!  
> His endo tells him he needs to eat more and bolus to cover it.  His cardio 
> tells him he can never be too thin.  I'm at my wits ends.  Any advice out 
> there?  It's wreaking havoc  on our relationship.

I'm not a doctor, and I've only been diagnosed just over a year now, 
and 6 months on insulin, so your husband has far more experience 
and knowledge than I do........ however, that being said....

I was obsessed with my numbers for quite awhile.  Getting less so 
as time goes on and as I become more confident.  Also, I've found 
such relief to have this pump, that I'm having sort of a love affair 
with it.  :-)  That also will probably subside after awhile.

As far as his weight goes, I've always been too thin myself.  It's 
always been a struggle to keep my weight on.  One thing I learned 
last year after diagnosis is, it's not raw weight that matters, it's 
body fat percentage.  At diagnosis, I was 15 lbs underweight, BUT 
had a body fat % of ~26% Which means I had very little muscle.  I 
started weightlifting and replaced about 4% of that fat with muscle.  

Since going on insulin, even as obsessed as I have been, I haven't 
had an A1c as low as 5.7%.  Damn.  Well, I'm working toward it 
little by little.

I don't blame your husband for aiming for that number... it's proven 
to be the best way to delay or prevent complications.  And, 
personally, I think it's worth the effort and time.  I'd rather live longer 
and healthier.  I *feel* better when I obsess on my BGs, and I end 
up doing more as a result.  When I ignore them, and they start 
running high, I lose energy and can feel the depression starting to 
take hold again.  So I ultmately do less when I *don't* obsess on 
the numbers.

As far as the daily hypos goes, has he done the fasting basal 

Also, I find that as I get closer to the goal of keep the BGs between 
60 and 120, I have many more hypos.  But they're not severe ones 
because I'm not bolusing huge amounts of insulin.  When I'm up 
above 200 and bolus a lot to get my numbers back down, THEN I'm 
more likely to have more severe hypos.

It's a delicate balance.  When I'm in target range, I don't have very 
to go to become hypo, so I have to be even more vigilant and 
careful about boluses and physical activity.  My hypos come 90% 
of the time during physical activity of any kind.  It's taking me a 
long time to figure out exactly how to deal with physical activity, 
but I'm slowly getting there.

Here's a thought: if your husband is relatively or even somewhat 
complication-free after *38 years* of having diabetes, then I think 
he's probably doing exactly the right thing that he needs to do.

If he's like me, then his obsession will eventually quiet down.  Give 
him the time he needs to make this incredibly RADICAL change in 
his life.  

Always remember that he's fighting for his life.  And he finally has 
much more control over it.

I suppose I'm most likely projecting here.  I'm newly diagnosed (1 
year) and still obsessing.  But I've had so much to learn and I don't 
think I'd have made the progress I have if I hadn't obsessed so 
much.  I also assume that his kind of obsessing is the same as 
mine.  Could be he's obsessing less -- or more -- than me.  I only 
know my own type of obsession.  And I'm just glad that my 
husband is giving me all the room I feel I need to go through this 

Here's a question for you:  do you want him to be blind and 
participating in all the things you want him to, or do you want him 
to be complication-free and testing his BGs "too often"?  
Personally, I'd rather keep on obsessing and have my eyesight and 
kidneys and feet....
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