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[IP] re:frozen shoulder

Hi all,
I haven't posted for a long time but had to write on the frozen shoulder
I 've had such pain for 2 years and then in April had my shoulder manipulated
and then 8 weeks of therapy., along with cortisone..
It came back just as bad as ever.  I was speaking with a lady (that wasn't a
diabetic) and she told me that both of her shoulders were frozen...ouch!!!!
anyway she had been going to a tanning bed and it was amazing how she could
move!!!!...I asked my Rhemetologist about this and he said go for it...I've
been going for a month and I have little pain(yeah) and have gotten "some"
more range of motion.  I have to say I'm surprised,but sooooo happy...I've
been able to sleep on that side..which I haven't for almost 3 years...just
wanted to pass this along...but you know YMMV...but glad that it's worked for
have a great and Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Your fellow pumper.....

RHonda Tyo
(t-1 for 35 years and pumping for 5.....and loving it!!!!!!!!)
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