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[IP] Re: hypo behavior

Tommy wrote:

<<I am usually awakened with another symptom that I call "The Loop".  It has
been in my hypo alert system for many years.  This symptom is similar to a
dream. During the dream I may be trying to add a column of numbers in my
head and cannot get the final total.  Just as I get to the final numbers, I
have to begin again.>>

I remember specifically one hypo I had when I was a child.  I got stuck in a
"loop" and kept continuing the behavior over and over again, until I called
for my mother to make me stop.  She then realized I was in a hypo and gave
me sugar and juice.  This was while I was awake.  It's the only time I
specifically remember being stuck in a "loop".

RoseLea... Type 1 37 years, pumping 7 1/2 months...
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